The Duck Pond, 5 October 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:


You never know what you will find lurking in a boatyard! I spotted this nicely made 10ft Duo dinghy behind the shed where they are rebuilding the infamous 56ft Gunboat sailing catamaran “Rainmaker”. More on Duo here, buy
plans from Duckworks of course!…/…/420-duo-10ft-sailrow-dinghy

Richard Woods

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Hatch Covers

Hatch covers for a small trimaran made out of spruce and re-purposed french oak vat staves.

Johan V Dyk

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No, it sure ain’t a trimaran – and it never will be one. But it was a very interesting build and a great kayak to paddle! I had plans for CLC’s Chesapeake 18, but I shortened it to a 16. And as you can guess, I did my own custom deck. But hats off to CLC for a great hull design!

Frank Smoot

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I posted photos of Peter Robinson’s beautifully built strip planked version of the Selway Fisher JC10 a while back – just received these photos from Peter of her sailing on Loch Lomond and Bala (photos taken by Keith Morris at the recent OCSG meets).

Paul Fisher

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16′ Oysterman Carolina Dory

If you’re ready to go fishing next year in your own homebuilt boat, now is the time to start, like this builder of a 16′ Oysterman Carolina Dory. He built it indoors and squeezed it through a standard door in the spring.

More on the Oysterman:

Jeff Spira

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