Getting Ready to Howl


It’s been half-a-month.  Kate had a routine hip replacement, that wasn’t at all routine.  My part of it has been to drive to and from hospitals; and be in hospitals.  Quite a bit.  There’s an […]

The Duck Pond, 16 November 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Gypsy Mike Lee lives in deepest Dorset, UK and has built many Wizards and Sangos for other people. But now that he has retired he […]

Interview with Dudley Dix


When did you become a boat designer and what was your first real design? My first boat design was a 15ft tortured plywood catamaran, designed and built for myself in 1973. I knew nothing about […]

Jim Michalak’s Newsletter


We are big fans of Jim Michalak’s designs and like to let you know when there is a new issue of his newsletter.  You can read it by clicking HERE.

Tin Boat


Hi everybody! I’m Timm Gage, a relative newcomer to this writing business but I’m going to give it a try. You see a lot of articles here about wooden boats and Styrofoam kayaks. That’s all […]

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