The Duck Pond, 30 November 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Kayak Decks ready To glass. Perttu Korhonen from Facebook Summerbreeze Installing the center seat framing on my Summerbreeze build. Mike Schuit from Facebook 24′ Selway […]

November Letters


Free Plans (just one catch) Hi Chuck, We have this Simonis-Design available for free, however before we give it there is a pledge to be signed whereby you acknowledge that the design cannot be used […]

Old Guys Option


Needing a boat for the 2017 Eastern Messabout which was happening in June, I started weighing my options. I had a canoe that I bought on Craigslist in 2016. So browsing on YouTube I wanted […]

Just, The Two of Us


I only, ever, had two uncles.  One was always off doing exciting stuff.  The other one was “serious,” and stuck close to home.  Neither one of ‘em ever “did” anything with me.  Not that I […]

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