The Duck Pond, 16 November 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:


Mike Lee lives in deepest Dorset, UK and has built many Wizards and Sangos for other people. But now that he has retired he is building a boat for himself. A round bilge strip plank Gypsy. I went to see him recently, this is the second hull. A great job as always. But I still cannot work out how he will get it to the water down this narrow lane!
More on Gypsy here…/3-25ft-to-30ft-cat…/176-gypsy

Plans from Duckworks of course!

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Chat 18

One of my newest designs is the Chat 18 day sailer. See here for details and here for a great blog. It’s in Dutch, but the photos tell the story and google can help translate. The photo shows progress after 2 weeks work.

Plans from Duckworks of course! Kits available from Boatbuildercentral in Florida

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Richard Woods


Almost there! Ready for glue!

Emanuel Cortez

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Folkboat 16

A new project Folkboat 16. Soon.

Roman Igoshin

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Long Steps

Long Steps looking gorgeous, while John Welsford just looks!

Paul Mullings

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Today, taking advantage of the heat in Buenos Aires, I finished joining bulkheads. All pieces are ready to assemble!

Adrian Martiniuk

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I woke up at 5:30 AM, and remembered that I had not cleaned the paint brush that I had used to tip the finish coat of paint on the outside of Susie’s hull yesterday. Half an hour later, plenty of soap, hot water, and elbow grease had taken care of business. It’s a good feeling to know that I got to save a brush that has served me well over a number of years.

Chris Noto

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Summer Breeze

Working on my first build – an interpretation of Breede’s Summer Breeze.

Mike Schuit

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St Croix

St Croix homebuilt canoe. Free downloadable study prints:

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14′ Riverman Drift Boat

14′ Riverman Drift Boat, a stitch-and-glue design, built in Argentina.

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14′ Maxi Miss

Dave Singkye just sent me these pictures of his 14′ Maxi Miss stitch-and-glue ultralight skiff. Almost ready to take it out.

Free downloadable study prints here:

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Spent my Veterans Day working on a new project – an ultralight Rowboat.

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Jeff Spira

CLC Expedition Wherry

I do not call too much attention to my “other boat” because she has been a pile of lumber for too long. Today I actually made progress. It’s a CLC Expedition Wherry.

Art Haberland

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First Time Out

Lee and Sandi have an update that is very exciting! They enjoyed their first outing with eight total family members and loved how stable the boat was along with how comfortable! They are also very proud of the entrance hatch and I think it is a great addition. Here are a few pictures…

Roy Schreyer

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Mackinaw Rowboat

I’m spending a 2 week work session at Hands on Deck, a youth outreach boatbuilding program in Green Bay, WI.
Our current project is the replication of a Mackinaw two-person rowboat from offsets recorded by J Wells Church at his shop on Sugar Island, Michigan in 1885. Lines have been lofted, strongback erected, station molds installed and planking battens laid on and faired. Starboard garboard being hung this morning. Stay tuned.

Rodger Clarence Swanson

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I building P50, project made by M. Plucinski from 1955 year. It’s canoe.  A few photos.

Bartosz Sołtys

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