The Duck Pond, 2 November 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Sassafras 14

First coat of external hull paint on my Sassafras 14 build. Teamac P101 2-pack polyurethane in RAL 9001 (cream ivory). Application by roller 18 inches at a time then tipped out with a 2″ brush into a wet edge. Really impressed by its coverage over new epoxy with no primer. Second coat tomorrow evening…

Second coat of Teamac P101 twin pack polyurethane paint applied to the canoe build & its looking really good.

A little bit of seepage under the masking tape so working around it slowly with a fine sharp scraper to neaten it up.

Before & after pics.

Ben Nicolson

from Facebook


Happy with CROW’s 2nd test sail! This rugged 15′ 10″, shoal draft, Camp Cruiser is showing promise!

Roy Schreyer

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Late night sailmaking for Mai’a Moku…

The sail is a reinforced clear tarp form the local hardware store. I’m using double sided tape to join the panels and then overlaying the panel seams with clear cellophane tape on both sides.

If the sail lasts long enough until the real one is delivered from the sailmakers, then the $40 investment was worth it!

By the way, I’m using a pair of scissors my wife’s Grandfather used in his saddlery business for 50+ years! A big pair of sharp scissors makes the job so much easier.

Aaron de Ruiter

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Lutra Laker

Starting my first boat. Got my molds set up. The other pic is a finished one. It’s the Lutra Laker. Having fun and enjoying it!

Dylan Honebrink

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West Mersea Duck Punt

Finally got some pics of the West Mersea Duck Punt I launched in mid September. Built of foam and canvas like Rowerwet’s Sawfish kayak. I’ll be sending details to Duckworks or check out my build journal at

Mark Frost

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OZ Goose

A few photos of my OZ Goose I am building.

Charley Loomis

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Right! We should post more boat project pictures. My wife and I launched a Michalak Harmonica October 21st. It floats and does not seem to leak. Yet.

Jeffrey Price

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Glen L “Utility”

Here is my retirement project (my 3rd boat) finished Aug 2017. Loosely based on the Glen L “Utility” that my Dad and I built in the 60’s, modified to make it fit out of the cellar door. Does almost 30 mph with the original 18 hp Evinrude.

Robin Verner

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SOF Motor Canoe

My latest, a skin-on-frame motor “canoe.”

Dave Gentry

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