The Duck Pond, 23 November 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Semi Dory

Thanks for letting me in the group. Here’s my newest build – it’s a 12 foot semi Dory. It’s coming along slower than I expected.

William Carpenter

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28 Foot Powerboat

Last stages in building a 28 foot powerboat hull of my own design. 10mm cedar plywood hull, covered with 2 layers of 4mm plywood (cold molded, method learned from Sam Devlin in “Devlin´s Boatbuilding”). Stitch-and-glue hull built over temporary frames as Jacques Mertens larger powerboats. Next comes sanding, fiberglass tape over seams, and hull lamination, followed by fairing and painting. Note cold molded bottom section at bow. Extreme torsion in the panels in this area did not allow a full stitch-and-glue bottom. Being built by master boatbuilder Jonas Quint Filho.

Gustavo Dantas

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14′ Pescadero Carolina Dory

Jeff Benton just flipped over his 14′ Pescadero Carolina Dory project.

More info and free study prints:

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Wye River Garvey

Chris Law’s recently completed Wye River Garvey out for a spin in the California Autumn.

More on this design:

Jeff Spira

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After 3 years of procrastination, two moves and life generally getting in the way, I have my Dudley Dix PaperJet14 painted and ready for hardware!

If you are interested I have a blog at  that documents the build.

Mauricio Iacuelli

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I just built this new paddleboard last week. It is 20″ wide and meant mostly for kneeling but I am able to paddle it sitting, and was able to stand on it in flat water. Carrying the beam all the way to the stern, along with the hard chine flat bottom hull shape, make it very stable for it’s beam. I’ve had it out 4 times so far and gone through washing machine conditions with no issues. When the 2″ deep kneeling area is flooded it holds very little water. Holes in the sides at the waterline keep it drained in flat water. The depressions give it a very secure feel, bracing my knees and feet in place.

Another paddleboard picture taken today showing what I carry. A double paddle and a single, Inflatable life jacket, water shoes, dry bag, webbing strap goes around my waist for safety , water bottle, small anchor. I can pick it all up to carry, 30 lbs maybe?

Gary Lepak

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Haddon Smith launches his John Welsford Pathfinder for the first time…

Paul Mullings

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Yann Quenet

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  1. This nesting dinghy looks very interesting and something an old man like myself would be capable of doing in a garage over the course of a winter. Are there plans, or, a kit for this little craft? Can it be modified for sailing? Very interesting.

    • It looks a lot like a passage maker dingy from Chesapeake Light Craft. They make a stitch and glue kit with a sail kit. I made one and sailed in lakes and bays everywhere, a great boat.

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