The Duck Pond, 30 November 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:


Decks ready To glass.

Perttu Korhonen

from Facebook


Installing the center seat framing on my Summerbreeze build.

Mike Schuit

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24′ Selway Fisher Commuter Launch

Latest photos of Lukas and Peter van Helden’s 24′ Selway Fisher Commuter Launch with the planking cleaned up and in the process of being glass sheathed.

Paul Fisher

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Here some pictures from a client in Germany. The next CATPROA. He coverd the keel with Keflar with all the “funny” sideeffects of the material. He is a lot furter as the photos are showing only an other photo from the daggerboard. For readers how the CATAPRO looks, as reminder, a phot from ElCampello/Spain. For plans, look at Duckworks magazine.

Bernd Kohler

from Facebook


Ben Buck’s Seneca built in South Australia. Nice job!

More on the Seneca:

Jeff Spira

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ECO 55

First light. The next ECO 55 sail version from New Zealand on the trailer ready to go after 9 months spare time construction, including the self made trailer.

Bernd Kohler

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Per the requests of certain of my fellow boat builders, here are the first construction photos of the “Simplici-Tri” I’m currently building. Also by request, the finished plans will let you build a 10′ 12′, 14′ or 16′ boat. I’m building the 14-footer. I’ll post the next batch as soon as I can get my butt back in gear after way too much turkey, etc.

Frank Smoot

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Suffolk Beach Punt

Here is a photo just received of a Selway Fisher ‘Kane’ Suffolk Beach Punt sent to me by her present owner Simon Fea who sails her from Raglan on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. He has renamed her ‘Ruby’ and also sent a video of life on-board which can be seen on the Selway Fisher Design Facebook page.
For design details go to

Paul Fisher

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Engine Compartment

Safari red engine compartment or banana yellow, could be ocean blue also or navy grey for all I care. Depends on the device you are looking at! All in all I really don’t care about the exact color. I’m just posting my progress on my Flyer build hope you guys like it and please trolls out there leave it (color) alone please!

Peter Hagenaars

from Facebook

Phil Bolger Teal

My own little Christmas just came. Got the hull painted. Liking the colors. Next, oars, spars, and leeboard!

Chris Noto

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Here’s the Penguin as it is now in storage until the warm months come back.

Joel Hinchman

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