The Duck Pond, 9 November 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Sassafras 14

Sassafras canoe build : internal ‘cockpit’ area masked off, cleaned/ degreased & wiped down with a tack cloth. The first layer of CooVar Sure Grip non-slip deck paint, specially mixed in Buttermilk and applied with a very short nap foam roller but NOT tipped out as I want the non-slip properties to be the best they can be, both for shoes & paws.

The last layer of clear epoxy resin done – now it can cure for a good few days before we start with the varnishing, to protect it all, especially from UV. After that its just a simple matter of final fittings (deck hatches, bowring cleats) and we can launch! Leaving the hull paint for at least 30 days before naming her.

Ben Nicolson

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Sole is in, back to glassing the rest of the boxes.

Peter Hagenaars

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Aussie Rob’s Albion built in Cambodia for Rob and his family to fish the coast there.

More info:

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Recently launched Inagua sailing sharpie.

Free downloadable study prints here:

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19′ Albion Pacific

Some nice pictures of a 19′ Albion Pacific Power dory under construction.

Jeff Spira

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Strike 20

I just got this photo in an email from a new Strike 20 builder. All he said was “So far so good. Great plans!”

More on Strike 20 trimaran here…/27-trimarans-u…/433-strike-20

Plans from Duckworks of course!

Richard Woods

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Petrel Play

I put together a short overview of my strip built kayak build. Here is a more in-depth overview of the Petrel Play build. See the whole build at:

Nick Schade

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Bolger Teal

First coat of finish paint on the bottom of my 1982 Bolger Teal.

Chris Noto

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Lutra Laker

Making progress on the Lutra Laker. Got the bulkheads and knees cut out and fitted on the molds. Built up the transom assembly. Tried my hand at my first fillets.

Dylan Honebrink

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Kayak Stand

Just made kayak stand.

Marcin Bober

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