The Duck Pond, 14 December 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Flo-Mo Progress on the Flo-Mo 12ft Plywood canoe. William Fraser from Facebook Highlander 12 New rig progress remains slow, but I’m almost there. Thank you […]

Engine Room for Tow and Coxie


Marcin Bober born in 1980. Founder of Bobrowe Żeremia Foundation (  Foundation Bobrowa Żeremia has created a Maker Space in Silesia, Poland for the renewal of furniture, bicycle repair and much more. Propagator and designer of Skin on Frame, […]

Why I “Hate” Boatbuilding


Not really HATE … but something like. Every minute that keeps me away from the finished boat is a wasted minute. So here are some resources that might be useful to you and certainly inform […]

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