AF4B Build Part Two

By Bob Holley - Seattle, Washington - USA

Enter the Boat Barn:

Now for assembly:

My scarf joint fixture for the oak wales:

The oak cockpit coaming was too stiff and thinned so much I was afraid it would break where it is under the cabin clamps, so I made a steam box out of PVC pipe, a kerosene heater, a tea kettle, cardboard and masking tape.

The result: You can see the wedge shape under the cabin clamps that may have broken without the steam.


When I took the coaming off, it was frozen in its new shape. Amazing what 2 hours in a steam box will do.

Now for the bottom:

And fiberglass:

I was concerned about handling the bottom stiffener boards all gooped up with thickened epoxy so I came up with the following:

No mess!


  1. “MARK CENTER LINES BOLDLY” as the instructions said and you can see at a glance if things are right with each other!

    & THEY ARE… 😉

  2. Bob, would you contact me? I am also building an AF-4, although not as far along as you. I would like chatting with you either by email or phone. I always like learning from the experience of others.

  3. Congratulations! Your boat-in-progress is looking very good! The funny thing, for me, is how much your photos look like my memories of building a Teal, Phil Bolger’s 12′ Instant Boat, 35 years ago. The structure and processes are pretty much identical. Thanks for posting your progress. I look forward to cheering you on in future months!

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