Interview with Perttu Korhonen

When did you become a boat designer and what was your first real design?

I think it was when I made Ocean Explorer in Year 2010. I had built a Michael Storer´s Ozracer and Ocean Explorer is basically cabin version of Ozracer.

After that I started to get request for plans and I ended up drawing them with help of Michael Storer.

Ocean Explorer

Which designer(s) had the greatest influence on you?

Michael Storer. I would not be drawing boats without MIK and his great attitude towards boating.


How many boat designs have you drawn in total?

I have drawn maybe around ten, but I am not sure which is a design and which is just a sketch or prototype. I start drafting a boat when I get some idea – and ideas seems to come from my personal ”need”. In reality, I don’t need any more boats.


Which of your designs is your best seller, and which is your personal favorite?

Ocean Explorer – and I think it is a great micro cruiser. It may be my favorite. BackSplash is also great –

I  love paddling. My favorite boat may still be coming.


Do you have a design philosophy – certain themes or principles your adhere to?

Boats are meant to be used. I don’t want to build and design overly polished boats. It doesn’t mean they are not efficient  – build it, use and scratch it and repair it or build another.

First, I made simply shaped boats, but I have moved towards bit more ”sophisticated” forms – they are actually not much more difficult to build.


What key tips would you give to builders of your designs?


Don’t schedule your building. I build during winters and with small steps per day.

If something is unclear, just drop me email.

Have fun.


What do you have on the drawing board now?

I am drawing plans of tandem kayak/canoe/trimaran ”Toucanoe”.


I sail it with Michael Storer´s Drop in sailrig  + RSS Canoe sail. On the Trimaran conversion I used OZracers/Ocean Explorer´s Lug rig.

There is a new prototype build which I call Pro a Canoe. It is a big family canoe which stern can be turned to the side and fitted with a small motor. The idea is to go camping with a motor and do some day paddling trips with kids.



I am also drawing / building a kayak – it is actually third prototype of  the“same” design. I hope this one will be the final version (will it ever be?)  I call this one Free – what does that mean?

My plans:


Youtube chanel:


  1. I love the crazy things you do Perttu!

    The interesting thing is that lots of people need a little more craziness in their lives.

    And in the end your boats are very very practical.


  2. I very much enjoy your eclectic small boat designs and the associated videos of you and your family having fun using them.
    I have a design challenge for you if you’re interested – it would seem to be something maybe a little crazy I can imagine coming from your design studio. It is a split-able boat, but split on the long axis instead of the short axis. The two components could be used separately as children’s canoes when dis-assembled. The boat could also be pulled apart a few feet on removable wooden sliding beams to form a catamaran of sorts, enabling a small outboard to be mounted between. The two components would be elongate, so could be easily placed on to the car roof racks one by one, making it easier on one’s back. Maybe it could be based on an Oz Goose hull chopped in half lengthwise?
    Maybe someone has already done something similar?
    Tell me I’m crazy, too! lol.

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