The Duck Pond, 18 January 2018

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Canadian Drift Boat Launched New Year’s

I received these pictures and note of the this Canadian drift boat bulder who launched on New Year’s.

Hi Jeff,
Just launched my Canadian drift boat on the first. It is perfect. Did exactly what I wanted it to. Low sides and low rocker were great in 30+ mph wind gusts. Paddled easily, was very controllable. Didn’t even hit a rock. It was cold, but we managed a few nice Wyoming browns!

Thanks for the sweet build,

More information, plans ordering information, and free downloadable study prints may be found at:

Jeff Spira

from Facebook

Tillamook Pacific Power Dory Completed in Texas

Alfred Meijas just completed his Tillamook Pacific Power dory in Houston, Texas.

There is another pic before the motor was added, to check how it floats

More information, plans ordering information, and free downloadable study prints may be found at:

Jeff Spira

from Facebook

Paddling Motor Canoe

Sanding outside – it’s huge for paddling Boat.

Perttu Korhonen

from Facebook


Cold weather always motivates me to work on boats. Gets me thinking about warm weather. On project this winter is to redo the coamings on my self-designed 14′ boat “Otis”. Last summer we had a down pour one night on the Florida 120 where, to my immense discomfort, I found my coamings allowed the water on the cockpit seats to drain into my cabin. I also wanted a bit more height to reduce water over the rail when pressed hard and larger scuppers just in case. Easier to rip out and start fresh. Happy so far with how they are coming together even though I am in the sand, fill, and repeat stage.

Scott Widmier

from Facebook


The keel and stem of the new Sportfisherman have been laminated, ready for fitting. On my blog today at…/backbone-of-sportfisherman.…

Dudley Dix

from Facebook


Building of a 10′-6″ sprit rigged yacht tender lofted by Duck Trap. This “Sunshine” was built traditionally with lapstrake cedar planking by me and my fellow students some years ago at the Enkhuizer School for Wooden Boatbuilding.

Markus Seebich

from Facebook


Main Hull – Painted! Here’s the latest batch of photos of my build of the scalable “Simplici-Tri” trimaran prototype. As you may know, I’m building the 14′ version. The main hull is now finished, and the next batch of photos will show the Ama construction details.

Frank Smoot

from Facebook

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  1. Frank, you continue to amaze me with your prolific output of trimarans. I really like this one for it’s “Simplicity”. Is this one built of doorskins, or 1/4″ ply? Haven’t been able to locate doorskins, or any marine ply other than fir in these parts. You might convince me to forget making the main hull of pink foam, and just go with foam for the amas. Hmmmmm.

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