The Duck Pond, 4 January 2018

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Huntington Harbor

Mike Greeley just posted this photo and description:

“Father Daughter project launched this summer, made from Jeff Spira’s free kayak plan. Thanks Jeff!”

Nice job, Mike. I love it when I see parenting done this way. She’ll remember this her whole life.

The plans for the Huntington Harbor, along with lots of other great boat building information and e-books are available when you join the insider section at no charge at:

Jeff Spira

from Facebook

Bay River Skiff MK2

This past Tuesday was one of the most exciting days of a boat build! After three weeks of drawing, cutting and a little epoxy work, I had all of the major pieces cut-out and cleared the floor of my little shop to assemble the boat for the first time. After two hours of work with my assistant Kristen Chilek we had a Bay River Skiff MK2 sitting in the shed. Seeing a boat 3D for the first time is such a thrill! This boat looks really cool and is very wide which is not really that well represented in the photos. With so little rocker she looks to be quite fast and should be under power as well. The changes that Graham Byrnes has made in this version 2 of the boat really improve the functionality of the design with small side decks, LOTS of easily accessible storage, the centerboard set off to the side along the seat to open up the center, and more freeboard. I think this will be a great all around boat with two easily stepped masts and an outboard up to 15 HP to use on those “fishing only” days. I think this is going to be a great boat for W Travis Votaw and I may be so envious that I will have to build a second one for myself!

Bobby Chilek

from Facebook

Water Trials

Sea trials, day two. 5nm estuary cruise.

William Fraser

from Facebook


A couple of years ago I sold a set of Acorn plans to a builder in Moldova, and I challenged you to find it on the map without Google’s help.

I understand it is the first catamaran ever to be built in the country

This morning I got these two photos, a really nice job! Congratulations to the builder

More on the Acorn here…/2-catamarans-under…/167-acorn

Plans from Duckworks of course:

Richard Woods

from Facebook

Music Box 3

Music Box 3 going 3d.

Dan Stephens

from Facebook

Klepper Aries II

 The hull wore out so I’ve decided to skin it with polyester. Hoping to get it painted today.

David Bornman

from Facebook


Taking shape. Igo by Dave Gentry. Started three years ago. Got inspiration and time recently and here we are. Rub rails inwales and seats!! We’re going to float this as soon as it warms up!

Lynn Martin

from Facebook


And I’m making progress. I am building a P50 by M. Plucinski from 1955.
A few photos

Bartosz Sołtys

from Facebook

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  1. >> Klepper Aries II – The hull wore out so
    >> I’ve decided to skin it with polyester.

    I don’t think there is a better endorsement out there
    for a boat which beats ‘wore out the hull’. Cheers.

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