Tom Dually 1.0


Maybe you don’t have to be lost to find some places.  Yesterday, it helped.  I was looking for a guy named Fred.  Sure, he gave me directions over the phone.  Sure, I took copious notes.  Sure, I got lost.  So, I asked the folks who should know.  Like the flagman up ahead in the backwoods road project that I stumbled into.  He said, “I think it’s on the right.  Maybe another mile…maybe.”  Then, there was the car with two nice ladies who stopped and asked me if I was lost.  Maybe it’s because my truck started out pretty clean this morning.  Right now, a clean vehicle is a sign “you ain’t from around here, are ya’ boy?” in this shady corner of north Idaho.  They said, “…sure we know Fred…another three and a half miles…up that hill…look for an orange bucket by the road…”  We were probably nudging either Canada or even Montana.  Lost?  Sure I was.

There was the other nice lady with the Really Big Dogs, who said, “…if you take that sort of narrow trail there…and wind around down over the stream…there’s a couple houses back in there…maybe it’s where you’re lookin’ for…maybe.”  I guess I looked pretty friendly.  She never unholstered her gun, or anything.


I found Fred.  He says he keeps the chains on the drive wheels of his veteran Ford tractor year ‘round.  We traded stories for a while.  And, I bought this veteran tandem axle EZ Loader boat trailer, that’s been masquerading as a flatbed (complete with four studded snow tires) for Gawdonlyknows how long.

Pretty slick.  When I wanted to look at the trailer’s underside; Fred just picked him up with the bucket on that Ford.  Gotta’ admit that I was lusting after those Two Beautiful Axles, and that really robust frame from the getgo.  Sure.  Some of us see “junk.”  Some of us see a diamond in the rough.  Pretty sure he’s a diamond.  Pretty sure.

Fred was good enough to bring him on down to a place I could get Big Red hooked up and headed back out toward our own corner of Almostcanada.  Let’s see now.  Without lights, with studded tires, and who really needs current registration, anyhow?  That, and I was already late to pick up Jamie-the-sea-dog from his monthly meeting with Sarah, the dog barber.

There are some things complicating real knuckle-skinning work getting done, much, here at the Frankenwerke right now.  Best I could do before nightfall was to pull that heavy-as-a-leadmine Trex planking off of Tom.  That, and Alice helped me get him sorta’ out of sight for this part of the operation.

Much, much to do before Tom takes his place in the fleet, as Miss Kathleen’s new consort.

But, ya’ know what?  I’m pretty sure he’s gonna’ be The Man for the Job…

Part 1.0

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