Strumpet MK II, One Pt Two and Three


Strumpet MK II, One Pt Two In order to remain consistent and predictable, we’re trying something completely different, and untried, this year. The schedulers here at Frankenwerke have been working overtime.  Simply, nonstop.  They keep […]

Don’t Blink 1.0


Don’t blink! One day… They, are all grown up!  And, suddenly, you feel a whole lot older. And, you just, wonder. Did I, blink?  Where have I been? what have I been doing? I guess […]

The Duck Pond, 22 February 2018


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Float Tested the Wolfeyak 2.0 Yes this is the same wolfeyak just reshaped. No added materiel’s. This is basically the shape I will be using for Brandon’s […]

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