The Duck Pond, 15 February 2018


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: 3D Printed Model Boat Prototype 3d print in PLA material of the basic hull form of a 21ft Danish Lifeboat in 1/24th scale. Not too […]

Jim Michalak’s Newsletter


We are big fans of Jim Michalak’s designs and like to let you know when there is a new issue of his newsletter.  You can read it by clicking HERE.

A Modified Trilars – Part One


The Design For those who are not familiar with this design by Jim Michalak, Larsboat is the centre hull and Trilars is the trimaran stuff. I read other articles on Trilars on Duckworks and made some decisions: Rudder longer […]

Strumpet MK II, One Pt Oh


Strumpet, MK II Maybe, it’s OK, to want it both ways. You know, we’ve tried a lot of different projects, here at Frankenwerke.  Lots of otherwise perfectly good pine trees have turned to sawdust and […]

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