The Roads Not Taken


The roads not taken. It was only a year ago.  Last year’s Brilliant Scheme turned into last year’s Winter Project.  Nuthin’ new there.  Like every Building Season, over the past seven or eight, now; the […]

The Fleet Burgeons!


A boat building party!  Four new converts to Mini Skeetering, all from other landsailers and iceboats, friends I sail with regularly.  John is hosting this woodfest in his cabinet shop in Lakeside, MT, and is […]

Waterlust Canoe – Part Three


Chesapeake Light Craft Waterlust Expedition Sailing Canoe, Designed by Dillon Majoros We had planned a short vacation in Maine in Acadia National Park at the beginning of the summer and the last weeks before that […]

The Duck Pond, 8 February 2018


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Elfyn My Faering project is slowly coming to life. The blocks and the sail are made in my shop with stuff from Duckworks. The design […]

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