The Duck Pond, 8 February 2018

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:


My Faering project is slowly coming to life. The blocks and the sail are made in my shop with stuff from Duckworks. The design is Elfyn by Iain Oughtred. I seem to have developed a pesky boatbuilding habit. This makes four that are in commission on trailers.  They are stacking up like cordwood. I’m planning the next one, yikes.

Timothy Haney

from Facebook

Naut 350

A new Naut 350 on the way.

Jérôme Delaunay

from Facebook

Bay River Skiff 15 MK II

The seams are taped and setting up to attach the keel and to think Pam said I would never use the weight set I bought years ago!

Bobby Chilek

from Facebook

Ocean Explorers

Stunning photos of two superbly built Ocean Explorers.

Perttu Korhonen

from Facebook

19′ Tortuga Mullet Skiff

A 19′ Tortuga Mullet Skiff recently hit the water. This one will get a cabin, but the builder decided to get it wet before completing it to ensure all was well with the boat.

More info and free study prints here:

Jeff Spira

from Facebook


Amas in the works! Sorry that I haven’t posted an update on my build of the “Simplici-Tri” trimaran in a while. Been busy! So here are the first shots of the amas – which are 12′ long and are the appropriate size for the 14′ version of the scalable Simplici-Tri that I’m building. Just like the main hull, the amas also have flat bottoms with rocker. Keeping it simple!

Frank Smoot

from Facebook

Day 7 Sail Canoe Progress

-Daggerboard case cutout and glued up
-Redesigned nosecap (like where I got the curve from?)
-Slot for case cut out of hull

Next up – install case and braces.

Chris Balch

from Facebook


Down sizing!

Fred Grimminck

from Facebook

Oz Geese

Doing the prep on 10 Oz Geese for the upcoming Family Boatbuilding weekend. Week of prep. Then three days for the family and corporate groups to get them to float stage.

Michael Storer

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