Nope.  There ain’t no pony.

Contrary to my sunny disposition, and warm-hearted predilections; winter has spoken.  I’ll make this dirge simple.  Even if our daytime high temperatures shot up to the seventies, for the next week, our local lakes would still be soupy-topped skating rinks.  As it is, there’s still SNOW falling—somewhat fitfully—right outside my window.  Right now.

I’m gonna’ have to cancel the “best laid plans of mice and men.”  The mini-cruise scheduled for 17 March, that was going to begin at Oldtown, Idaho is CANCELLED. 

Just to put the icing on the cake.  I had this dim notion that one or more of the local lakes would be a stand-in for the Pend Oreille River.  So, I went down to one of them to check things out. I didn’t even need to get out of my truck to know the lay of the land.  Snow was still piled up on the launch ramp, above my bumper.  And, to really rub salt in the wound; there were dozens of guys out ice fishing. 

Little compensation to remember LAST MARCH.  I had already been putting boats in and out of the water for three months. 

We’re still on, for 21-22 April at the Coeur d’Alene Resort.  Hopefully, fun in the sun.  Until then, I guess it’s time to put a bit more wood on the fire.

Dan Rogers

A plan has been coming together.  Slowly.

I’ve been working up to this idea for about a decade now.  Surprising that it’s taken this long.  But, it has.  2017 is the year it’s supposed to all happen.  Mostly, what’s left is to get the word out.  So, here goes.


First, a basic observation.  Not one of us is younger this this year, than we were last year.  For many of us, things hurt that didn’t used to hurt.  As a result, it’s harder—now–to get enthused about stuff.  Inertia is beginning to set in.  “Maybe next time” becomes the chorus of a song that once sounded more like, “On the road again…”  Yep.  Time is passing.


This is an offer you really shouldn’t refuse.  Actually, a series of offers.  I honestly don’t know of anybody else who has made a proposal quite like this.  I have no way to judge what “success” might be.  I’ll leave that up to you.

Under the sponsorship and encouragement of TSCA, Puget Sound Chapter; I have already scheduled at least five, and it could grow to possibly six or even more, group cruises for this coming year.  One each month, from March on through September.  And, not just any cruise.  These events are gonna’ all be in GOD’S COUNTRY.  Yep.


Each trip will be to a different lake.  Each, a different sort of adventure.  Some with amenities like docks and resorts.  Some, quite rustic.  Hopefully something for everybody.  Something for you.  And, me.


This is the year!  You really should make plans to hitch up your boat, pack your gear, and come to this absolute gem of a place.  I’ve chosen a hundred mile radius from where I live in NE Washington State to put on this series of events.  For a couple pretty compelling reasons.  First off, this is just about the best place for small boat ventures there is.  We’ve got mountains and forests and just plain lots and lots of navigable water.  It doesn’t get too hot.  We don’t really even know how to spell hoomiditity.  Crowds and traffic?  Nope.  Heck, “gridlock” here in our local metropolis of Newport, WA is when a log truck has to stop for the train crossing (once a day) in front of our Safeway store.  People are friendly, and there ain’t all so many of ‘em.  The water’s clear and warm enough for swimming.  The beaches are perfect for camping.


Just for the record, I’ve sailed small boats on all three of our coasts.  Hawaii, a bunch.  Even the Philippines.  It don’t get a lot better than right here in North Idaho.  And, this is the year!

I’ve been writing a building log of sorts about a “bunkhouse barge” project that is central to this invitation.  That series kicks off this month, in this publication.  I further invite you to follow along vicariously.  And, I dig vicarious adventures.  The reports on these cruises will continue apace.  But, wouldn’t you rather be a part of those adventures, up close and PERSONAL?



This is the year.  Please come and join us!  For, we may never pass this way again.

Dan Rogers,

March to September 2017– TSCA Puget Sound Chapter—Mini Cruise Plan for Eastern Washington and North Idaho.

Here comes a pretty big admission.  Especially, for a guy who completely wings it when it comes to building boats.  Heck, I take it as a point of honor to never know what one of those projects is gonna’ look like “until it’s done…”  And this present epistle has a lot to do with my latest Frankenwerke product, Mobius, the gonna-be fleet clubhouse and “bunkhouse barge.”  A complete expression of the discovery learning school of boat-creation.  Anyhow.

That admission.  Today is the beginning of the week that ends with one of the oldest and most-celebrated of all the American holidays.  The one, where the Pilgrims got together and pushed and shoved their way to the table to get the best prices on punkin’s and turkeys and stuff like that.  You know the one.  Black Friday.  It’s still, only November.  Winter hasn’t even really gotten started, here in Almostcanada.  And, I’ve already got a PLAN together that reaches all the way into next football season.

Here’s hoping, this radical departure will make a difference to you—or somebody that you know.

A bunch of us have already gotten a calendar together that schedules boat shows, messabouts, raids, and cruises for what we loosely call the 2017 Season.  There’s hardly any snow on the conterminous forty-eight; and we’re already deep into “organizing” each and every moment in the warmer months yet to come.  This sort of thing takes place all over the nation.  But, the portion of the pie that I’m gonna’ spend the next little while detailing has to do with connecting people and boats with some truly spectacular places to “show up, launch, and shove off.”  This all fits in a pretty tight little triangle bounded by forty-eight-oh-seven north/one-eighteen-twelve west; forty-seven-twenty-nine north/one-sixteen-forty-seven west; and forty-eight-forty-seven north/one-sixteen-forty-seven west.  A triangle of rivers, lakes, mountains, and trees.  A different place, a different theme, a DIFFERENT ADVENTURE, each month.

And, the hard part for me, is to add literally one event a month (from March through September) to an already busy calendar.  Hence, the need for a P – L – A – N. Click the dates below for more details about each cruise.

17-20 March 2017

21-23 April 2017

6-7 May 2017

10-12 June 2017

4-7 August

15-18 September