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January, 2001

Good afternoon,

I have been enjoying your web site for a while now, and recently I have created my own page which I am using as a point to gather information about New Jersey maritime history (for a book I am writing). 

But as I am also interested in building boats and doing wood work, I have also created a sub page about steam bending wood (also have information about other bending methods),  Of course, when you have a page about bending woodyou need to provide a page with information about how to make a mold to bend it on - so there is a sub-page with that information as well.

I thank you very much, and again, I appreciate the web site - always looking forward to the next issue.


Eric R. Luna

January, 2001

From Claude Conn

I look at boat building as an economy measure. Just think of all the other things you could be doing with your spare time that would be more costly: Horse racing, grand prix auto racing, restoring antique autos, golf-including traveling around to new courses.  And just drinking and womanizing, with it's attendant lawyers fees. And your gal always knows where to find you, even if you don't come in for meals.

Claude, with four canoes, a dinghy, a skiff and now lusting on a micro. in Atlanta, Mich. "at the tip of the Mitt"

January, 2001

From Andy Farquhar

I just applied epoxy mixed with powdered graphite to all of the rudder's bearing surfaces.  I hope that this will provide sufficient lubrication and protection for these surfaces.  It's so cold here in Philly that I have had to heat up the epoxy even with the fast hardener so that it will set.  Also, I use a heat lamp on all epoxied surfaces to hasten hardening.

I work on an unheated garage - except for a 1500 watt space heater, which does not do much.  All that is left to do is some sanding, painting and making the sails.   I have used Bondo extensively to fair the hull, fill nail holes etc.  It sets if I heat it up before mixing and applying.  I have finished painting the interior of the cabin, which is the only space that I can get to a temperature to paint.

greenhead.gif (10690 bytes)I am planning to make the sails this weekend.  I have bought a lot of white polytarp, carpet tape and grommets.  I have used Jim Michalek's methods for sharpie sprit sails and lug sails in the past with good results and plan to do the same with these sails.   I even have a greenhead logo to apply to the mainsail.

I feel the need to explain that, although my logo will be a greenhead, my boat is actually to be named Jersey Girl in honor of my terrific and patient wife.   Coincidentally, it is only the female of the greenhead fly species that bites and sucks our blood all summer.  She sucks our blood supposedly to nourish her unborn young.  Any resemblance of my logo to my first wife (also a Jersey native)is purely unintentional.

I plan to just lace the mainsail to the mast.  I know that this will make reefing a little more difficult and so I am planning just one reef line at around 24" from the foot.  This will leave a space of 24" above the snotter/sprit attachment where the sail is not laced to the mast.  If this does not work out, I'll just bite the bullet and buy some sail track.


Andy Farquhar


January, 2001

Hope the holidays were good to you are your family, just wanted to mention that we have two new kits, the WorkStar Cutter And Skiff.


cutter.gif (4580 bytes)


skiff.gif (4100 bytes)

If you get a chance and can add them to you "boats database" it would be appreciated.

Thanks, Mark Visser

January, 2001

Hi Chuck

I wonder if you can help me?

I'm currently putting together a six part documentary featuring 'boys toys' and how to build them. One of the episodes is possibly to focus on a home boat builder in the UK and I'm very keen to meet people currently designing and building their own!

The Techsperts is due to air from the end of February and aims to uncover the trials and tribulations of the home builder and his or her aims and experiences.

I realise that you are an American publication, but I imagine some of your subscribers are from the UK and would really appreciate it if you could put out a message for me!

Many Thanks,

Claire Levy
Producer, Illumina Televsion
Direct Line: 0181 6009315    Fax: 0181 6009333   Mobile: 0797 0912767

January, 2001

From Chuck Merrell:

There's a major problem with the Apple Pie free plans that I offered last month in my column. Something happened when the software program imported the bottom dimensions from the DXF file into the SKD format.   Go to to download the corrected file with the proper dimensions for the bottom panel.  The really bad news is that about 900 people have downloaded the file, so I'll have to have Chuck Leinweber put a notice on the front page of the magazine or somewhere prominent for awhile. 


December, 2000

This from Richard Spelling:

Cut my first hole under cnc control. Pretty pathetic as holes go, but, still, as a function test for the homebuilt cnc router...!

itlives.jpg (21723 bytes)

Still need to add the second leadscrew for X, put in limit switches, add dust collection, mill a case for the electronics, calibrate backlash, and other tweeks...



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