Brick Hardtop


Brick Hardtop
a design proposal by Magnus Ericsson

I built a Bolger Brick this spring, and I have enjoyed many fine days of sailing this summer. The boats fulfills its purpose of going to the beach and back, and is well suited for the shallow waters of Dalälven. As the temperature outside is falling and sailing requires wollen gloves, I feel like building something again instead. The Brick is very roomy for a boat that small, and I wonder how it would work as a microcruiser with a cabin, a sort of removable hardop. A top that can be fastened quickly with wingnuts or rubbercord whenever you feel like a "sleepover". It could be built in the stitch-and-glue technique or the same fashion as the original boat itself, plywood, ¾ by 1 ½ lumber, and clear plastic for windows. It could be built light since it's not crucial for the boats stability. A tent could be modified to cover the aft, and seats with storage spaces would be useful. The sail on my Brick would have to be altered, so that it doesnt touch the canopy. Could be a fun weekend project.

Magnus Ericsson

Gävle, Sweden

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