design by Selway-Fischer

This design has been drawn up for the same client who asked us to design the Simplicity 14 a number of years ago—this new design is to cater for the sailors who like to sail long distances in the smallest craft possible. She has large storage areas for FW and food as well as the kind of gear you need for extensive offshore work. She has been designed to sail from inside the boat so that virtually all sail controls plus the steering lines are led inside.

Construction is simple stitch and tape plywood using epoxy filleting and tape and based upon a framework consisting of a central plywood fore and aft girder which is slotted together with the plywood frames/bulkheads and fore and aft transoms. 6mm (1/4”) ply is used for most of the construction and the hull skin consists of several layers of ply to produce a very tough hull.

LOD 8’ (2.44m);
Beam 5’4” (1.62m);
Draft (loaded) 2’11” (0.88m);
Sail Area 81 sq.ft. (7.52 sq.m.);
Dry weight 1103 lbs (500kg).

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