a design proposal by Phil Peltier

The name of the boat is 'sterne' (which is the French name of a seabird). She is based on a drawing Gavin published some time ago. I extrapolated a little cruiser from this drawing. It is basically a caravelle-like hull extended to fit the needs of daysailing with a little shelter to prevent from being soaked when rain comes, or to have a nice nap while the friends are angling ;-)

She is 14,75 feet long x 5.90 feet wide with a wl at 9.87
inches from the keel. It's only a design proposal for the moment. I published the drawings in the yahoo boatdesign group to gather observations and refine the concept, but if I have demands, I'd be glad to release plans for those who'd like to build her.

click images to enlarge

Here are two modified drawings done today
taking account the first comments I have had.

Here is Sterne at sea