While taping my boat I ran out of some 3" wide fiberglass tape, so I decided to cut some cloth into strips. This worked OK, but..........those strings coming loose on the edges were giving me headaches while applying the resin either with a roller or a squeegee. I was constantly picking off strings and with the resin being sticky.....well you know what I mean.

What I came up with has probably been done before by someone, but I did some experimenting and it really worked well.

I laid the cloth on a slick counter top and took white Elmer's school glue and ran a small bead of glue across the cloth from top to bottom. Then I moved over slightly more than the width of the strip I wanted and ran another and so on to lay out the strips. Make the bead small because the cloth will soak-up the glue and you don't want a real wide band of glue between the strips.

Once the glue dries, use scissors to separate the strips by cutting on the glue line. Trim as close as you can to the strip and still have the dried glue on the edges, by maybe a thread or two. You can see the glue because it's whiter than the cloth. If you don't trim close, the glued edges don't fill with epoxy and may not stick properly, but trimmed close they work great.

I found the edges easier to feather than the regular tape also because a much smaller ridge is there.
If anyone else tries this, let me know how it turns out for you.