Lead Weights

For Rudders and Center Boards, the safer way to do it. Yes there is an easier and less noxious way to do it. I like to use lead shot, the same stuff that's used in shotgun shells. The way it's done is very easy and involves no dangerous handling of hot lead. Because the shot is a bit lighter you need to cut the hole a bit bigger, screw a few stainless screws into the sides of the hole to help anchor the weight in place, then screw a cover plate with a plastic sheet between the board and the plate, flip it over and fill the hole up with the lead shot, then mix up epoxy and poor it into the hole on top of the shot. Fill it up with epoxy and stop just before it starts to overflow at the edges. When cured you can take the cover plate off and sand both sides flush and the jobs done, no fumes, no gas needed, no burnt edges around the hot lead. Just a neat weight and no fuss. One point to add, try to use the smallest sized shot you can find, that way you get more lead in the hole. If you use large diameter shot you will have more epoxy and less lead.