Alvan Eames:
Curriculum Vitae

I am 72 yrs old, and although allegedly retired, have
two part time jobs. I drive a minibus for a local College, carting mail and/or students around, and also drive a Rolls Royce hearse for a nearby undertaker.

After leaving school I joined the army for nine years, serving in Egypt, Singapore, and Germany, and achieving the dizzy height of a troop sergeant. After demobilisation I became a car auctioneer for 32 years, then sold the property and bought a wine shop, which I ran for 8 years.

After selling the wine shop, I, and my wife, Theresa, flew around the World for 7 weeks, west-about, so as not to get jet lag, visiting family in the US, and in New Zealand. We paused in Florida, LA, Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, and Singapore.

I have owned several boats along the way, and have built two. I taught myself to sail off the north coast of the island of Anglesey, in the area of Red Wharf Bay, but most of my sailing has been done in and around Morecambe Bay on the North West coast of England.

We have a daughter Gillian, a GI Bride, son-in-law Mike, with two grand-children, who live in Alabama; and a son Jon, with wife Rachel. Jon is a policeman in Dunedin, New Zealand, and runs a 25 ft trailer sailer when off duty.