Maxi Mac
design by Paul Butler

The Maxi Mac is a slightly enlarged version of the solo Mini Mac drift boat. It has the advantages and features of the Mini but will handle up to three adults with gear. The Maxi is only 18 inches longer and at 125 pounds for the lightweight version its still easy to cartop. The increased width and depth of the Max provide almost double the volume of the Mini and a considerable safety feature in rough water, and is our most popular boat.

The center console provides adjustable seating, storage and flotation compartments, and is also an ideal location for a motor well. Traditional drift boat seating may also be installed over the console, and the seats can be made removable for the best of both layouts.

A motor well in the console locates a motor safely and efficiently inside the hull with easy access to motor controls, and even the smallest of gas or electric motors will push the hull efficiently. A motorized version provides the ability to launch at the "put-in", repeatedly motor upstream and drift back down, without the need for a shuttle vehicle at a separate "take-out" location.

Various interior layouts are possible depending on the needs of the builder. Versions have been built with thicker topsides and structural seats instead of compartments, and some boats used in whitewater have completely compartmentalized interiors with self-bailing footwells.

PRE-CUT KITS and CUSTOM BOATS to various stages of completion are also available at various times for the Maxi-Mac, Montana Guideboat, Montana Pram and Rowing Dory designs. Each kit is custom assembled to ensure that it suits the needs of the builder.

Want to buy the plans?
Building plans include over 40 pages of sketches, photos, sources, builders tips and discussion of many options to customize the boat. Plans are written in a step-by-step conversational style similar to our building seminars.

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