Homebuilt Mini-cat
by Adrián Callejón

Hy chuck, i find your page very helpful for amateur builders. I live in Argentina and am making a little cat, L.O.A 5 meters, beam 3.3 meters, designed by me, in the James Wharram style. My boat is called "Piojoso", the little bug of the hair, you know? The first and big feature is the very low price. The entire boat is made from 6mm plywood, and the frames are made whith 10 mm plywood.

I have a web page whith a lot of pictures. The adress is
https://www.catapiojoso.com.ar Here are some of the pictures with the captions translated into English.

This week, I will buy polyester resin and the necessary glass cloth for the hulls. Then I will send you pictures of that part of the process. As I don't speak english very well, some of the terms used are not the correct ones, please correct them.


Adrián Callejón

The three main pieces of the hull, bottom and laterals, ready to mount.

Beginning to mount the hull, tying the plywood with thick thread adjusting it to the main frame.

Marcela, my wife, adjusting the main frame to the bottom with screws.

Myself ready with the thread to begin to hold the other lateral of the hull.

My daughter Lucía and me, drilling the holes for the screws to fix the port cabin lateral.

The two hulls together. The port hull has the openings cut for the cabin windows.

My son Juan and I testing the interior of the starboard hull for comfort with the roof in place.

Cabin of the finished starboard hull, in the picture you can see the entrance scuttle.

My small assistant Juan, cleaning the hull roof.

Preparing the support structure for the stern deck on the port hull.

Support structure for the stern deck of the port hull ready to cover with plywood.

The two hulls seen from the roof of my house, a wonderful view.

Interior of the port hull with all the frames and reinforcements.