Glen L-19 Sloop Cruiser

by Bill Tosh


3/8" Meranti plywood hull with fiberglass overlay
hull and decks Sleeps 4,
double vee birth forward and
2 quarter berths port and starboard.
Porta Pottie storage area.
Storage under all berths and cockpit seats.
Galley cabinet.
4 opening portholes AND
forward and aft cabin hatches making for very good ventilation.
22' Aluminum mast.
Raise/lower motor mount.
Mast is stepable by one person with winch system...VERY easy to do.
Swingkeel is 1" thick plate steel affording good ballast and making her a very stable boat.
Trailer is "double axle" with 4 of the smaller wheels to make launch and load easy and quick.
launch rig and sail in less than 45 minutes.
Draft is 18" keel up and 3-1/2' down, great for deep water or shallow sailing.
Self bailing cockpit is very roomy.
Cabin has FULL sitting headroom.
AM/FM radio/Tape.
Cabin is lined with Eastern Red Cedar all sealed and varnished.
Foam floatation under cockpit and forward vee birth and carlin areas.
I built her myself, and I am a professional boatbuilder for number of years and custom commercial woodcrafter for nearly 30 years.

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