My Simple Hovercraft
by Shorty Routh

So I picked a junk lawnmower up at the dump, it looks like it has a good engine, but a bad oil leak. Since it has a vertical shaft, it won't work with my chomper, so I was dreaming about other projects I could use it for. Always thought hovercraft were neat, and I remember seeing an episode of Junk Yard Wars where they built a couple of hovercraft. Started kicking around the idea and sketched a few things up, and called my friend Tim to pick his brain. He told me of an old time refrigerator mover he saw on TV, it had a skirt to go around the frig, and you would hookup your vaccuum cleaner to it. Later that day, I was cleaning up the yard with my leaf blower, and PING!, the light went on in my head.

This is the captain speaking, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for take off.....

Somehow she naturally developed the parade wave.

Amazing how far you can get when you string together every power cord you own.

Building up some speed here

With a little nugde, she is flying on her own.

Other one wants a turn now.

Going to have to put a handle of some type so I can stand up when I push it.

Piece of plywood, leaf blower, duct tape, zip ties, and polytarp - the essential ingredients of many projects.