The Kraken

Hi Chuck!

Sending a couple of pictures of a boat Im currently building, workname "the Kraken" after the horrible seamonster.

The original Sea-Monster: "Kraken"

Bought an army-surplus aluminum hull a couple of months ago. It has a flat bottom, 15 times 6 feet, just a bare hull with no seats. Think it will be an excellent campingboat for sheltered waters.

Last year I built a Bolger Brick, and was surprised with how well the tiny boat is sailing. I was thinking of using a similar type of sail and leeboard for this boat, only bigger and with a mast that can be easily lowered.

The boat will have two bunk beds, icebox and a kerosenestove. The cabinroof will be finished next week and I will start building cabinwalls as soon as the weather allows.

the roof

the skylight

Right now the hull has ten inches of solid ice on the floor…


Magnus Ericsson, Gävle, Sweden