I am currently wrapping up construction of Jim Michalak's Larsboat. I have modified it to use both with a trolling motor and a sail. I know the boat was not designed to do these things, but it is so nice looking I thought I would try. For extra strength I increased the thickness of the forms and left two of them in place instead of pulling them out.

Instead of the specified bresthook, mine extends to the bulkhead forming the passenger area. This is to support the mast. The foot of the mast I made up of 2x material and relief cut to control the bottom of the mast. I also left in the rear most bulkhead and joined it to the transom with a 3/4" plywood strong back to handle a motor for trolling.

The wales I increased from the 3/4" specified to 1" and then added 2x material to the inside of the passenger compartment fastened to the wales. This is to give me a place to fasten both seats and leeboards. As the original design called for air compartments fore and aft for floatation I am using 2lb foam instead as the forward compartment also contains the mast.

The rear most compartment is also being foam filled while I will have storage in the compartment right behind the passenger compartment. Sure hope it all works! If not, wellllll, it kept me off the streets and out of the wife's hair during the winter.