Nesting Mice
by Frank San Miguel

Hi Chuck,

Here are some pictures from my latest project. A pair of nesting mice for our lightweight family of four. I'm going to
stack them like paper cups to put them on top of the car so we can drive to the local estuaries and rivers. This means the outer no internal bracing. I beefed up the gunnle with an two 3/4" x 5/8" stringers separated by 3/4" spacers. When I took out the cross braces, the gunnles only deflected inward 1/8" of an inch. The inner mouse will be made about 1/2" thinner than normal. Inner mouse still hasn't been built.

We launched the first mouse, named "Kamptobataar" after a prehistoric rodent, in May on our local creek. The current was pretty swift which allowed me to do some whitewater mousing, surfing behind a small standing wave in the middle of the creek. Fun!

That's a Greenland paddle I made from a 2x4. Not the best for shallow whitewater mousing, but sufficient.

By the way, I think a nesting mouse like this would make a great duck boat. Maybe even better than the plywood pirogue that I had as a kid in Louisiana.

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