Sherpa - Update 2

Update 1


My Sherpa is now out of the shed and sitting in the rain. It is a very big boat. I think it will need the wheel for the center slot. Anyone got a wheel? Probably have to get one off a golf cart.

the centerboard case

I want to make a wheel to fit in the center slot from underneath and two holes in the top corners of the transom. I can then walk off with the boat like a wheelbarrow if I stick the oars from inside through the 50mm holes.

oar holes

One of the Dr.s I work with works a few monthes a year in Surgical camps in Napal .He can speak Napalese. Dungh means boat and taal means lake. They aperently have no word for ocean or sea. So the name is Lake boat or boatlake. He showed me the squigals for it too.

Dungh Taal

mast step

bow transom

first stringer


rope work

trial fitting for seat tops

planks on - now filleting

Peter Page