Bolger Single Handed Schooner

I bought the boat from a Navy nurse who was deployed overseas. Her husband runs a marine-maintainence company, so the boat is in *very* good condition. The rudder and daggerboard both have what appears to be a very nice, sprayed-on linear polyurethane finish, for instance. And the rest of the boat is very well-maintained.

I've sailed her twice now, and I really want to make some rig-changes, if I keep her. Mostly I'd just revert to the original rigging as Phil drew it. The current running-gear arrangement is much too complicated, in my view, although it works ok. The elaborate traveler for the foresail seems like ridiculous overkill to me, but apparently someone felt it was necessary. I'd go back to a horse, and a one-part sheet. All the foresail and jib lines need to be re-routed aft again..right now there's no immediate provision for that. They all secure up forward, which is not terribly useful.

I first became acquainted with this boat through plans from Harold Payson.. then I began corresponding with Tony Groves, in the late 1980s, as I was building my own Light Schooner. We exchanged some pleasant correspondence, then, in the early 90s, I was in Los Angeles on business, and Tony took me sailing from Dana Point, on this very boat..and I still have a vivid memory of it as being one of the finer sailing experiences I've ever had.

The boat is a singlehander, ideally, but has room for two, if both people know what they're doing. Mostly, the passenger should sit quietly in the forward cockpit and not move around much, to provide additional stable ballast. With two people and that big, ballasted daggerboard, the boat will stand up to a LOT of wind. And she does sail best on her ear... not ideal for some, but entertaining enough, if you like that kind of thing.

This is a pretty boat, with a certain historical importance, being the first boat of the class, built by the man who commissioned the design. It's featured in "Boats With an Open Mind". Tony is a very finicky woodworker, an artist by training, and it shows everywhere in this boat.

I probably will sell her, if I know she's going to a good home. I just do not have time to use her sufficiently.

Includes a brand new 32 lb thrust electric motor, two permanently mounted deep-cycle marine batteries in good condition. New charger. Full-custom storage cover made of Sunbrella, in good condition. Customized galvanized trailer is somewhat corroded but still perfectly road-worthy. Registration on both trailer and boat is up to date.

Currently lying in covered storage in the Dana Point area of Southern California. Too many other extras to mention here. E-mail me for details and pictures. Price: $4500 obo.

Charles Andrews