Plywood Skiff

I built this boat back in '98. it's 20'x6'. the outer layer is 1/4" Marine Fir (the last I found in STL). Epoxy and 'glass inside and out. The boat has a raised floor(above the waterline) and no transom as such (totally self bailing) inner and outer layers with foam in between. The bottom is arced. Basically, I lifted a design for a lobster skiff from Ray Hunt. Planes with 2 people and supplies with a 9.9 outboard. Sitting on a nice trailer.

I built it and had fun. ran it up and down the Miss. and Il. rivers (Alton pool). Tried to sell it but everybody that called wanted to know if they could put a 60hp on it----no, it's for a 9.9. Just as a little salve for the ego, I'd like to get $300 for the trailer, the rest is free. my wife and the village building inspector would appreciate this project going away. The canoe is free too.

I've been a Ray Hunt and Bolger fan for years. Glad to
see Jim Michalak carrying on. The boat is basically 5 frames with 1x2 stringers, 1x4 keel, inside and outside sheathed in epoxy/'glass/plywood. the bottom is slightly arced. The transom is actually a motor mount with a one way door so the following wave won't come aboard when you stop---any water (rain), leaves, beer cans, etc. go right out. also notice the "swim step".

I just ordered Jim's "Oracle" plans, no more motors, just oars. Rowing is how I started boating, going to be the way I finish.

(as Bolger once said, "either own a boat you can live
on, or a boat you can carry---forget all the stuff