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Duo 800

an easy to build demountable cat. Sloop or parallel rig
design by Bernd Kohler

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The demountable version with the nacelle is the original version. The boat can also be build without the nacelle.
  • Carbon mast
  • Mast stop
  • Mast bearing
  • Inspection cover
  • Hatch

The carbon fiber masts can be build by any amateur. Instructions and drawings are in the plans set

The sail sleeve can be opened with a heavy zipper. The halyard runs outside the mast but inside of the sail sleeve.

To shorten sails: The sail is lowered to the reefing eyes shown on the picture. In this way, the wishbone boom has not to be unhooked.

The parallel rig version will be faster. The boat by it self is easy to built. As construction system we chose again plywood/glass/epoxy composite. This is also a boat for the first time boat builder. No lofting is required. Construction time about 580 hours. The plans show the old and new hulls.

We are very aware of sailor's needs. We bring two types of experience into our catamaran designs. We have designed multi hulls since 1980. And we have lived in our "PELICAN" (one of our designs), on the Mediterranean sea for 11 years. Our portfolio includes a wide range of catamarans.