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The Gale's 4th of July Boating Adventure
by Tom Gale


We had a great trip. The new Van-Gogh Boat worked great! Paint was still drying in route through NV.

Took off from west side of Tahoe, sailed 10 miles across to skunk Harbor. Beautiful spot, but heavily watched by rangers. Found out it's not legal to camp on NV shores. But he left us alone. My newest boat is lght enough for Heather and I to load by ourselves, can carry a ton of gear, sleeps 4, row, sail and motor with 2hp.

Also, had no trouble towing both boats behind our Vanagon, 1987 miles with no car troubles was a bonus.

We then headed N. through N. CA and S.E. Oregon to tour lakes in the area. Looking fwd to seeing some of you at next meet in Sept. Hope your getting in some sailing!