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The boat is a David Payne design, "14ft Putt-Putt", but I stretched the station spacing by approximately 11% to take her to 15ft 6ins LOA on the same sections. The canopy structure is of my own design in response to the owner's request for sun protection. It was a piece of work, I can tell you, because I made it with sheer to match the coaming, curve in plan view to match the coaming, and used parabolic camber on the beams. The uprights are beautiful Burma Teak.

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The engine is a William Olds & Sons Type H, 4 to 6 hp single cylinder 4-stroke petrol engine. They are made in Maryborough, which is a regional city on the Queensland coast north of Brisbane. They have been made for about 60 or 70 years in one form or another. We have finally been able to goad the company into producing another batch of five motors (Olds & Sons are a major marine and industrial engineering establishment, and these engines are just a sideline). The engines are considered by most to be the best single available over here. The one in the photo has an enclosed cone clutch and a big, 2 bladed prop. The engine makes use of Holden pistons and rods etc (Holden is the name of our locally produced General Motors marque - basically Chevy, with a bit of Buick and Opel thrown in) The piston is 3 1/2" bore, and I think it comes from a Holden (read Chev) 202.

The copper tank was made here in Brisbane at the request of the owner, but not by me. The engine is overhead valve - splash lubricated, and takes a strong arm to get started. The crank handle drives the camshaft, at the opposite end from the magneto, so one turn of the crank gives two turns of the crankshaft!! The carby and waterpump are both in-house designs from Olds & Sons, and are cast in solid bronze - beautiful.

The photos were taken on the builder's trial day - I'm the bloke in the dark t-shirt and baseball cap in the middle of the boat underway. 6.4 knots at less than 1/4 throttle.

See you soon,

Ross Lillistone