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by Charlie Jones

May 20- 24 is the BEER cruise in Pensacola this year and we are BUSTING BUTT to get Tehani launched and usable by that time, so we can sail her over and back.

Tehani as she was when Jon found her JUST before the chainsaws were to start. He had cleaned her up a bit by the time we got to New York to pick her up.

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I'm sending you some pics of Tehani. Laura finished all the interior painting today. All ready for cabin sole and trim. I made the slides and frame for the companionway hatch today- will finish putting the top on tomorrow and get it installed. Like I said- we're pushing HARD. Sails are being made. main almost done, jib soon. This in Las Vegas - friend of ours.

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Outside, sitting in Jon's driveway in Rochester NY. Most of the wood is in terrible shape, just doesn't LOOK it in the pic. Companionway hatch had fallen totally apart.

She's a Seafarer Meridian 25, designed by Phil Rhodes and built in Holland in 1961. Tehani is hull #10. 28 foot spruce box section mast with NO scaarfs :) ALL bronze hardware. LOA 24'9" LWL 17'6" beam 7 ' draft 3'3" Ballast 2500# cast iron, overall disp dry - 52??.

Here's the galley area before completion- the top step lifts for access to the trash-

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Since it'll be so late when we get alunched we'll most likely take the ditch a good part of the way, at least across LA. After that we can sail in Mississippi sound and the bays, or make shorter hops offshore. Getting around Louisiana offshore means you have to go WAY out and in an untried boat I'm reluctant to do that.

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Here's what the steps look like with the teak and formica on-

Took me 11 running day back when I made that trip in my trimaran and we only made 20 miles three of those days due to bad weather- took 16 days all together since we lost 4 or 5 full days to torrential downpours, which we'll hopefully NOT have this year- but who knows? So given good weather we should do it in 9-10 days. We are hoping to leave no later than 10 May and I'd likie to leave a few days before that even. We'll see. Scheduling 6-7 weeks for this and boy are we excited at the idea!!

And here's what it looks like all painted- We took the teak parts back out and put in a temp step so they wouldn't get screwed up while we finish up.

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here's what if first looked like back there :)-