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Strip Cosine Wherry

I've been helping my friend build the most beautiful strip cosine wherry. I am trying to convince him to submit an article to you but I have been taking pictures and when the snow flies we will do it. Here is a picture of the wherry glassed on the outside, not faired but the rough skeg and keel on.

regards Paul McLellan

PS: I have attached the text of a post to the Bolger group but received no replies. Maybe you can fold this into your magazine. I feel the this is a good idea and done right could be an amazing way to move a boat distances, securly, safely, easy to store etc. Maybe my post was not clear but I bet someone could make a drawing and finish the concept. I guess Bolger would be the guy but there must be room for more geni.

Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 14:59:05 -0000
From: "Paul McLellan" <>
Subject: Is there a design for pickup truck

In a discussion last summer we were wondering if our great boat wizzard or anyone else has designed a 2 or 3 section boat for a pickup truck to carry nested then put together when you are at the water. We only discussed the final product and not the "how to".

We envisioned the first piece, probably the stern section as
the "cap" for the pickup and the next section nested underneath and the third section inside that with any gear under it. The third section could be either a small cabin for the forward section or an additional length to give a boat about 24 feet that bolts together ala TIMS at the now famous Kingston Messabout.

All great things start with a dream. So all you Bolgerados can
think about this one and respond accordingly. Here you go Bruce(S). I really like the idea of travelling away from the snow and ice with a great boat safely sitting on the back of the truck for the journey then put it together, add a small outboard or oars and away you go.

Paul McLellan still glowing from a great month of cruising with the Bolger Houseboat #481 and trying to get back to reality, or maybe the cruising is the reality.