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Lyrics by David Beede ©March, 2005
Melrose Florida

As a kid I would lay on the bank in the grass
Gazing at fluffy white clouds sailing past
Dreaming that one day before I was grown
I just might build a sailboat of my own… yes a…

Daydream – just glue up & nail her.
Daydream – just rig up & sail her.
She’ll get you on the water and get you back home
If you’ve dreamt of building a boat of your own Your
daydream could sail you away.

To build her ain’t magic to build her ain’t hard
Down in your basement or out in your yard
Don’t need many tools and don’t take much skill
A little bitty dream and a little bit of will… to build…

A small stack of wood and some time’s all you need
She’s built for pleasure but still makes some speed
She’ll get you on the water and get you there fast
She won’t come in first but she won’t come in last…not my..

Four sheets of plywood some glue and some nails
2 by 4 masts and some poly tarp sails
A few days of sweat and 2 coats of paint
She is what she is and she ain’t what she ain’t… she’s my….

If you can saw to a chalk line and spread you some glue
Tighten a clamp and turn in a screw
You’ll have a daydream by the time you get through
Now all you need is your favorite crew… for your…

When white caps start showing tie a reef in her sails
Climb to her high side as she dips her rail
Her leeboard just pivots if you run her aground
Sittin’ on her marks she floats one thousand pounds… that’s my

Many boats are made of wood, sweat and glue
There ain’t no magic professionals do
Life it is not some spectator sport
You do not have to know starboard from port… to build…