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by Michael Birch - Southport, England


Forgive Yourself


At that time in life, when things left undone
Nudge consciences focus, with melancholy for some
We look back at life, with more experience than before
And realise well now, we could have done more.

At that time in life, when we assess the future
We realise now well, that time we must nurture
And know well now, time’s finite swift flow
Will curtail our best efforts, and we reel from the blow

With memories from the past, we must deal and contend
We must accept their score, smiling now we’ll have more
It’s not the end yet, and many pleasures are to come
We must consider this well, increasing our experience’s sum

Think long and hard, and treasure the best
Forgive yourself, and discard the rest
It’s all in the past, reality’s the future
We should enjoy ourselves, with élan and with rapture

Life’s good you see, and we should treasure it go
Live your life as you should, feeling most keenly and so
Brace up your spirit, and look forward with glee
There’s so much to do, and for us all to see.

Copyright 07-12-2005 - Michael Birch