6 Metre Whaler
Ok, so Bob Dalziel sent some pictures of his 6 Meter Whaler to Chip Humphreys who sent them to us - but at least we have them. Nice boat!

A Flica 20 Sailboat Story
This may sound like an advertisement for Roy McBride's boatshop, but it is more. It is also an interesting footnote to the legend of a fabled pocket cruiser.

River Runner
Ben Phillips started out to build a standard River Runner. Then he thought about how it would work for him. Changes were made.

Sisu Photos
Michael Storer's little Goat Island Skiff has struck a chord with a lot of builders. David Greybeal is one. Check out these pictures of his GIS "Sisu".

Building Guppy - Part 4
The thumbnail on the left shows what can happen to epoxy if it gets too cold. In this update, Steven Lewis shows you how to remedy this common problem.

Mayfly 14 Update 2
Jim Michalak's Mayfly series is a popular set of flat iron skiffs. This is Tom Burton's second update on his Mayfly project and he seems to be doing a good job.

River Runner - Stitch & Glue
We needed a boat for a float trip on a mild western river. Jim Michalak's River Runner seemed to fill the bill, but we would have to make a few changes....

The Launch of Fair Wind
Boats always take longer to build that we think they are going to during the euphoria of the first day of construction. Just ask Ed Jones.

How To

PDRacer Sails Down Under
Polytarp sails take a lot of flak for being cheap. Peter Hyndman just thought they were ugly - so he did something about it.

Glued Deck Planking with Beveled Edging Boards
We knew Barrett Faneuf's Navigator was going to be a thing of beauty. Now we can see that it is going to be a real Yacht. Try not to drool on your keyboard.

Birdsmouth and Other Masts and Spars
Do you want to build a Birdsmouth mast but are intimidated by the complexity? Roy McBride shows you step-by-step how easy it can be.

The Roofrackamabob
If you cartop at all you will appreciate this clever device. Kellan Hatch presents a clear description of how to make and use a Roofrackamabob.


The Inaugural SBC
"Woody" Norwood has seen his idea for a classic small boat rally become a major event, with sailing magazine coverage and the whole nine yards.

The Depoe Bay Annual...
... Crab Feed and Wooden Boat Show is held every spring on the coast of Oregon. We could not be there so thankfully Dirtsailor sent this report.


Rowing and the Art of Respectability
Rowing seems like a respectable pastime, but is winning a rowing match respectable? That depends. Al Wasey explains.

Go Sail The World
Charlie Whipple is building a boat to sail around the world. But that does not mean he can't wax poetic and whip out a few lines of verse.

Bringing a 1956 Johnson 15 hp Back to Life - 3
Removing the flywheel from an outboard motor is tough, but it is necessary to get to the coils. Max Wawrzyniak makes it seem easy.

Camp Cruising in a Seagull
John Welsford has a lot of happy customers. And he keeps sending us these tantalizing pictures and stories of adventure in exotic locations.

Your First Aid Kit
This month we welcome Greg Stoll, Firefighter and Paramedic as a new columnist. His coverage of first aid and medical care for boaters is long overdue.

Where the Winds Blow... Welcome
In Mark Steele's inaugural column about the world of model boats, we learn that it is a much bigger and more fascinating world than we ever imagined.

The Hamernik Hull Drain
Tom Hamernik figured out a way to install a drain in a boat with a thin bottom and Rob Rohde-Szudy wrote this wonderful step-by-step illustrated guide.

Requiem for Sanding
Here is a clever little ogdoastich about sanding from Barrett Faneuf. She should know about sanding - she has built 2 of John Welsford's Navigators.


Vireo Testing... and Repairs
How often have you taken a brand new boat to the lake and it ended up needing repairs? Chris Hill tells us what happened and what he did about it.

An Introduction to Navigator
Wondering what your next boat building project will be? Read Charlie Whipple's account of a day sailing John Leathwick's Navigator and you may be sold.


The KD860
Bernd Kohler has designed another catamaran. He figures this one is a good compromise between creature comfort and efficient sailing behavior.

Flippin Boat
At first glance this looks off the wall, but Chris Ostlind has put a lot of thought into this unusual design. He thinks it could work. What do you think?

Several who saw Steve Bosquette's little outboard skiff at last years Kingston Messabout asked for plans. Steve has made them available here.

Building the 9.5 Laura Bay - Part 3
Here is a rare view into the design process. Follow as Warren Messer builds the first Laura Bay and makes many decisions about the final form along the way.