King Canvasback Kayak
Since 1973 when the plans for the King Canvasback were first published, quite a few have been built. Here is Tim Lehman's account of building his boat.

Robert Bowles Boat
Few people know more about designing and building canoes than Skip Johnson. In this short article, he tells us a bit about his latest project.

Who doesn't get a silly grin on his face when he sees one of these little boats? Glynn Sirmans tells us how to go about building one of our own.

Glynn Sirmans built one of Jim Michalak's unique little double paddle canoes. They are easy and inexpensive to build and there is nothing else quite like them.

Bob Gerfy is building a Ladybug and if he has half as much fun with it as we have with ours, he will be more than satisfied.

Northern Navigator
Flemming Seestrandt Sørensen has added another Navigator to the fleet of that popular John Welsford Design.

How To

Flotation Inspiration (in vino, veritable chaos)
As you might have guessed, this is not necessarily a serious article. David Graybeal has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek in this article.

Oaracle Upgrades
Gary Blankenship and I will soon be competing in the Watertribe Everglades Challenge. Fortunately, Gary has been busy upgrading our boat.

Boat-Related Gizmos
Steve Lansdowne, a friend and neighbor, is a very clever guy. Fortunately for us, he has written this article about some of his more ingenious solutions.

Tough Breaks
Ever break a mast? Shorty did and rather than get upset about it, he decided to do a few experiments. Read about what he did and what he learned

Applying Graphics to Trixie B
If you are snowed in and longing for spring, Jerry Church shows you a quick and easy project to help get your boat ready for the coming season.

Molding Boat Parts
Ever need a part that just can't be made of wood and a factory version is unavailable or prohibitively expensive? Read Gary Blankenship's solution.


The 2005 Lake Powell Messabout
Sandra and I have been fortunate enough to make this event two years in a row. Kellan Hatch, the primary organizer, tells the story.

Scuzbums Giant 5-Day Messabout
Nobody does messabouts like the Scuzbums. Member Joe Tribulato even originated the term Messabout. Here is Kim Apel's report on the most recent one.


Onboard Spares 'n Tools
Max Wawrzyniak is a proponent of using older outboard motors on boats. He also suggests you carry some tools and spares. Here are some details.

Review - Roar's Circle
You have heard the old saw: "You can't tell a book by it's cover". Al Wasey tells us that the aphorism is especially applicable to this book. Find out why.

The Magic Happens
You think you have it bad? Let Captain Ron Thewatt give you a lesson in how to overcome adversity and keep smiling in spite of anything fate has to offer.

Richmond Boat Shop
Take an enchanting walk down memory lane as Paul Richmond tells you how boats were made in his father's shop half a century ago.

Polyurethane Glue
Ross Lillistone is a professional boat builder who is careful about adopting new products. Here is his report on one of them

Fuel Gauge Repair
in an OMC Pressurized Fuel Tank

Would you like to have an operating fuel gauge in that old tank? Rob Rohde-Szudy shows you how.


A Mother and her Children on the Bear River
Some folks just live right. Can you imagine having a pristine boating area right at your back doorstep? Jack Hicks decribes the Gale's home port.


Today we are adding a new name to the list of designers we represent. Warren Messer begins with a small, simple pram and there is lots more to come.

Origami Folding Dinghy
Have you been looking for a dink that will fit on the deck of your microcruiser? There is not a smaller tender than this around and you can build it yourself.

I think David Godsey may be onto something. He has commissioned this lovely little ketch to be built in Aluminum. I can't wait to see the real thing.

Here is a blast from the past. Wes Farmer designed this minimal outboard cruiser for ply construction. Much of what he says still applies today.


Review - Boatbuilding for Beginners
I happen to think this is the best book ever written for someone thinking about building their first boat. Rob Rohde-Szudy does too. Read his complete review.

Sand Shark
Have you seen this tool and wondered if it would make a good addition to your shop? Wonder no more as Chuck Gottfried has reviewed this tool here.

Band of Brothers
Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last three decades, you know about Alexander Kent's work. Joseph Ditler reviews his latest book.