A Square Rigger on a British Pond
Radio control models are amazing. Mark Steele reports on one that is square rigged and even has real firing cannons.

A Minor Houdini Modification
Did you ever have a sailboat that constantly spit water out of the centerboard case. Burton Blais did and he did something about it.

My Take on Philsboat
I normally disscourage modifications to professional designers' plans. I have to admit, though, that Mick Mulcahy has actually improved Philsboat.

Model sailboats are always facinating. Especially ones that have actual working rigging just like a full sized one. Here is a story about one from Bob Means.

A sailboat can be a thing of beauty, especially if you are as much of a craftsman as Vince Hoffmann. His Clancy is a simple boat but what a looker!

A Tale of Two Boats
Stephen Collins wanted a boat to take his daughter out in. Now he and his daughter are building two boats. Read his story to find out how that happened.

How To

Removing Fiberglass From a Plywood Hull
Dan Roberts bought a classic Chapelle cruiser but it was covered with fiberglass set in Polyester. How did he remove it? Read his story.

A Simple Rudder Downhaul
Al Meyer professes to be a greenhorn, but you can tell from looking at his boat that this is a misnomer. His solution may be simple but it is not dumb.


Tampa Bay Boat Expo - Part 1
Bruce Hector is the kind of guy who makes lemonade when given lemons. See what he does when presented with a fiberglass boat show.


A Little Boat On A Big Lake
Once again Captain Ron makes us smile and reminds us of the importance of stopping long enough to smell the roses.

Odds & Ends
Max Wawrzyniak is our resident outboard motor guru. This month he ties up some loose ends. Watch for the release of his new book.

Reboarding Ladders
Need a good DIY swim ladder for your boat? Rob Rohde-Szudy walks you through the process of making a really good one.

The Boat That Never Was
In his own, inimitable way, Al Wasey recounts his close encounter with a classic boat - offered on eBay - that met his Arthur Ransome expectations.

Getting a Vessel Safety Check
Did you know that you can get a free Vessel Safety Check from a certified member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary? Wayne Spivak tells you all about it.

The Plimmerton Classic Boat Regatta 2006
New Zealand is known for beauty and the boats there are no exception. John Welsford sent this report from one of the best small boat gatherings down under.

Oil Changes
Don't let the title of this essay fool you. Roy McBride lives in an exotic part of the world and has taken part in a lot of adventures. Here is one.

I'm Not Cornish
Rob Rohde-Szudy is a regular columnist but since the subject matter of this rant is a bit different, he asked that it be posted outside his regular monthly format.


Around Cape Scott - June 2005
When you get a chance to cruise the northern part of Vancouver Island, you don't worry whether the boat is home made or not. At least Jamie Orr didn't.

Savannah to Charleston 2005
Here is the story of the cruise that convinced "Woody" Norwood to organize this year's Rally for Classic Boats.

Queen Mary II
On first of October 2005 the Queen Mary II left Quebec City, Canada. Here are few pictures taken from Fred Shooner's AF4.


3 Models
Warren Messer has been busy. This time he has three new PDF models to print and build. This makes a total of 5. Start your collection today.

Lutra Laker and Little Laker
If you are looking for the perfect fishing boat to build, do not fail to check Dave Nichols' latest additions to his Lutra line of lapstrake boats.

Hudson Springs Pram
Here is Warren Messer's latest design. If you are looking for a burdensome rowboat or a great fly fishing boat, you need look no further.

Designing a Safari Boat
Skip Johnson likes to design fast canoes. Here is an article about the process and some pictures of one of his boats being built.

Aluminum Shantys
Are you close to retiring? Have you thought of moving onto a Shanty? It is definitely a viable option, especially if you build one of Harold Duffield's boats.


Radians Magnifier Glasses Review
Having trouble seeing the buttons on your VHF or GPS? How about the screens? Here is a review from Jack Panter about something that may help.


Design Contest #6 Winners
Announcing the winners of the joint Duckworks/Small Craft Advisor contest to design a budget solo cruiser for Puget Sound.