More AF4
Mike Russon is making good progress on his AF4. Fortunately for him, he has some very well qualified helpers, and good help is not easy to find.

Campskiff - Final Report
Bob Chamberland's Campskiff took a lot of tweaking before he was satisfied with the way it handled. Now he is ready to move on.

Bob's Cat (part 2)
In the second part of his Bolger Bobcat story, Bobby Chilek really catches the wide eyed amazement and giddy enthusiasm of a first time builder.

Sundowner Redux
You have probably heard about Charlie Whipple's trip around the world. John Welsford designed the boat and is overseeing construction; here is report:

Tammie Norrie
When Phillip Hirst sailed his 45' yacht from sub tropical Australia down to Tasmania, he suddenly discovered that his inflatable tender would no longer suffice.

Two Boats
Bill Siddens just likes to build boats. Recently, he built two of Steven Lewis' designs: Chugger and Poorboy. Bill says he is going to keep on building too.

How To

An Automatic Daggerboard
Bernd Kohler adds to the daggerboard discussion - begun by Rob Rohde-Szudy - with a design that retracts a rudder or daggerboard almost instantly.

Building a Bimini
If you live in the south like Gary Blankenship does, you know the value of a good bimini. In this article, Gary shows how easy it can be to make one yourself.

Cutting Gains
Lapstrake boats are beautiful but require a few special skills to build. Peter Croft shows us how to perform one such skill: cutting gains.

Rigging and Sailing
Our old friend Barend Migchelsen has written a new book called "On Amateur Small-Boat Boat Building". Here is an excerpt.


Duck Heroes
Paul Haynie drove 1200 miles to watch the World Championship Puddle Duck Race. Some of the partcipants drove even farther than that.

2006 Minnesota Messabout at Lake Pepin
Bill Paxton hosts a great messabout, but if you live in the midwest and didn't make it, all you can do now is read Bill's story and check out the great pictures.


Yorgos' Gunter
David Nichols knows a lot about traditional sails and occasionally writes on the subject. He was pleased when Yorgos used some of this information.

This month, Max Wawrzyniak takes a break from his 1956 Johnson 15 - Start to Finish series to write about something for anyone who uses an outboard.

Little Boat: Big Yummie
One look at the picture should prepare you for a cooking article. But Captain Ron gives you much more than just a recipe - it's a whole way of boating.

Cruising weekly to no particular place!
In his column this month, Mark Steele surveys some of the many different types of model boats and the many places they are sailed.

Cut and Run
It has a bad connotation these days, but Lee Martin knows it's sometimes the right thing to do. Especially when you are on a small boat.

Cleaning Up Two-Stroke Outboards
Do you love those old two-stroke outboards but hate what they do to the environment? Rob Rohde-Szudy has some good ideas about changing all that.


A SkiffAmerica 20 Out West
The American West is full of scenery that is easy on the eyes. Kilburn Adams' SkiffAmerica 20 is easy on the eyes too. Here are some pictures of both.

Michalak Boats on the San Juan
This past June, we took two of our homemade boats down the San Juan River in southern Utah. Most folks take plastic boats, but we did just fine.

PDR Voyage Distance Record
Since PDRacer builders are scattered around the world, Shorty has come up with ways for them to compete without leaving town.

Lignumvitae Key
Gary Blankenship and Helen Snell spent a day of their vacation searching for the elusive Lignum Vitae. At least they found a few sharks.


Now for something completely different. Bill Weller has designed a hard-body, folding dinghy. It looks like a classic pram, but it folds up to a tiny space.

The 9.5 Laura Bay - Part 6
The Laura Bay is launched! And Warren Messer is really pleased with her. And why not? She rows well; she sails fast; and just look at those beautiful lines!

Patricia Ann - a 12 ft. Pocket Tug
Here is a great little Tug-Yacht by Mike Gill that will look great tooling around the bay. Build it as a gold plater or a work boat; either way it's all fun.

Solo 12
There is no doubting the appeal of a tiny trimaran that is easy to build and goes like stink. Chris Ostlind has whipped one up that looks like a million dollars.