14 ft. Flap-Jack Float Boat  
Design by Harold Duffield - Florissant, Missouri - USA

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The Flap Jack rowing boat is designed to be used by Commercial Float Companies as an addition to their canoe fleet for those persons who want a more stable boating platform. It features stable and roomy comfort not offered by a traditional aluminum canoe. It has a load carrying capacity of 175 lbs per inch of emersion. This greater load capacity can help sell float parties who are older or heavier, and do not want to have a white knuckle experience on their float adventure. Although the boat is designed for rowing, a 2-3 hp motor could be mounted on the transom.

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The boats are designed to be stacked upside down for transport on any flat bed trailer. The 44 inch beam allows side by side hauling on an 8ft wide trailer. This feature allows you to transport 6-8 boats per trailer and tow vehicle.

The transport trailer with up to 6 boats aboard can go into a standard garage for those wanting to own and run their River Float Business from their home.

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River Float Business Opportunity

A River Float Business can be ideal as a part time retirement or college income business. Instead of paying or borrowing $60-80k for 4 years of college, an investment in (6) boats could allow your Student to earn enough during each summer’s float season to pay for his/her annual school costs.

The boat is sold as a kit that is pre-welded and ready for final assembly. It is made of 1/8th inch marine aluminum for sturdy long lasting service. The kit is fully welded and ready to be finished off by the owner. This entails the assembly of the front and back deck boxes which are filled with (6) inches of floatation foam. The floatation from this foam gives the boat 300 lbs of total floatation making the boat unsinkable. The floatation foam could also be placed under the deck boxes allowing the boxes to be fitted with a lid for secure storage. The center seats are bolted in place, and the finish trim is installed to complete the assembly.

The boats can be transported on any flat trailer, or you can assemble your own from a trailer kit. The trailer kit parts are pre-welded and ready to be bolted together. For those using the trailer to transport a number of boats, an additional axel can be included.

Boat cost is dependant on the number of boats purchased, and the cost of aluminum at the time the boats are ordered. Each boat requires 90 square feet of metal at $4.50 per square foot, giving a material cost of around $400 each. Add to this the cost of fabricating, welding, packaging, and a little something for me. The bottom line is this - A single boat costs $1,490. A (3) boat purchase is currently $3,950. A (6) boat purchase is currently $7,200. The trailer kit is $1,200. Prices are fob St. Louis plus shipping.

Lets talk- Harold oneuglyboat@hotmail.com

About the designer: Harold Duffield - age 67 - grew up on the Mississippi River - was whats known as a "river rat". He has been messing about and building boats for over 50 yrs. Now he is offering plans and kits for fishing boats, shantys, house boats and even sailboats in aluminum as well as finished boats. https://www.oneuglyboat.com/

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