New Cowls for Independence
Sometimes an accident involving very cold water can lead to a happy ending for all concerned. Skylar Smith tells the story about our friend Mike Walker's Cascade 42, Independence.


What Do You Do With the Drunken Sailor?
There is nothing like the loss of a friend to make you face your own mortality. Here, Mark Steele addresses the stuff we leave behind and he does so in his engaging and light-hearted style.

Making an Eye Splice in Braded Line
When you are as accomplished as Denis Menegaz, you know how to do things - like making an eye splice in braided line. Fortunately for us, Denis is sharing this knowledge with us.


no outings this month


Wooboto on the Delta
Steve Chambers commissioned Jim Michalak to design Wooboto and built the first one. He did not have much sailing experience but an invitation to Gunkhole 2008 solved that.


"Beth" - Sailing Canoe
Finally, Michael Storer has released his "Beth" canoe yawl plans. This design is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced sailor but if you want some cheap thrills, this may be for you.

Just a plain old coastal working girl, colourful boats, and fun `sindickit(ing)’ for that cup!
Mark Steele's monthly potpouri of model boat news.

Life is Too Short for Broken Dreams
Besides being an accomplished boat builder and designer, Ross Lillistone is a very good writer. In this piece, another story about "Mike Rowe", he makes the case for small boats.

Bimini for AF4B - Part 2: Canvassing
Here is the conclusion to Rob Rohde-Szudy's howto on building a bimini. Amply illustrated and concisely detailed, Rob leaves nothing to the imagination - and does such a professional job!


Introducing Toter DuckBoat
When Ken Simpson had a special request for a modification of his successful and clever "Toter", he could not refuse. Scott Derr wanted a duck hunting boat with room for his dog.


no reports this month

Best of Duckworks

It's All In the Legs
You may remember Kellan Hatch as the guy who built the amazing inflatible Trimaran, Fugu, and sailed it in the Texas200. Well, before that he played with a Mirage drive.

Back in 2003 an email came from Poland. Wojtek Baginski wanted to buy plans for Campjon. We sent him the drawings and he not only built the boat, he sent us this nice article too.

Max Wawrzyniak - Column #1
This is the column that began Max Wawrzyniak's multi-year run of columns which culminated in his book "Cheap Outboards". He has lost weight - probably from worrying about deadlines.

Reports - November, 2002
Take a walk with us down memory lane and see what folks were up to 6 years ago. Most of the links don't work any more but it is fun just to brouse through and remember.

Designing for the Job
This story is about what may be John Welsford's most successful design project and he never earned a cent from the original plans. But he did gain the satisfaction of helping others.

One of the oldest, most successful and most easily recognized small boat designs is the dory. Here is John Bell's version - a little 11 footer - complete with free plans you can download.

Visit to Bermuda
I love to travel but I won't be able to see the whole world in my lifetime. Fortunately, there are folks like Peter Vanderwaart who take their cameras and document their trips for us.

Harry's Gone, But Jack's Back
It is not often you fine good writers who write about boat building, but Chuck Merrell is one. He wrote columns for Duckworks for some time. This is one of my favorites.

Maddog's Marbles
Someone recently pointed out that Allen "Maddog" McBride's website had vanished, and so it has. Does anyone know where he is? Here is an example of some of Maddog's early work.

The Magellan Challenge Race
We hear a lot about the "AroundInTen" race for small boats, but who remembers this one from a decade ago. It was promoted by capable people but never came off.

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