Design by Ken Simpson - Fountain Hills, Arizona - USA

Toter specifications:

  • OAL: 99 inches
  • Max Width: 32 inches
  • Height: 12 inches (assembled)
  • Height: 16 inches max (nested for travel)
  • Weight: 75 pounds (without battery)
  • Weight: 60 pounds (without motor and controls)
  • Material cost to build hull: less than $200
  • Draw: 4", with average weight operator
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Toter is a three part, break-down boat that can use electric power, oars or a paddle.

I have designed and built a number of small (8 to 10 feet in length) electric powered boats, each different, and better than the last. Toter is intended for those who go it alone, or with a child, and do not want to trailer anything. Therefore, it is made in 3 sections, each nesting in a larger section, and then placed in the trunk of an average size car for transport.

The three sections of Toter come apart in seconds and nest perfectly to fit in the trunk of a small car.

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The following layout drawing should give you a good idea of the concept. The boat is now complete and awaiting it's maiden voyage in a nearby lake. Past designs, similar in concept, have worked very well, and I have sold them to interested individuals. I am pleased that plans for Toter are available at Duckworks.

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This page from the detailed PDF plans will give you a good idea of the concept.

Toter is basically made from 2 sheets of 1/4" plywood. The completed hull can be built for under $200. The controls add an additional $50 or so, and then the Motor, Battery and Charger would be additional.

Some features:

  • Does not require a trailer!
  • Fits in most midsize trunks, and all SUV's and pickup's
  • Lightweight, yet durable, Easily handled by one person
  • Easily fabricated with only hand tools and a jig saw.
  • 3 individual compartments for safety
  • Plenty of storage space for fishing gear, etc.
  • Bimini top (optional)

The plans themselves are in PDF format for downloading or for a bit more in printed form. The basic boat plans are 25 pages of detailed instructions and diagrams. The plans for electric power are 10 pages and they include modifications to the MinnKota motor and a wiring schematic.

The boat plans are 25 pages of detailed drawings and instructions in PDF format.

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My motto is to keep it simple. Past designs had electric steering and solar panels, but all this added to the weight. This boat weighs a total of 75 pounds, without the battery, but including the motor (a 40 pound thrust modified MinnKota).

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There is a Toter builders group where we will discuss this design - it is open to anyone who is interested.

Just for your information, I am a retired Engineer who designs things for his own pleasure. Looks like it might be pleasurable to others as well. I will give my home phone number and e-mail to all who purchase the plans, and welcome questions and comments. Also there is a Toter builders group where we will discuss this design - it is open to anyone who is interested.

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