We are continuing this section since it seems to have been well received. If you have recently launched a boat, please send me a photo and a little information -

This time we have the following boats:

Mayfly 14

This is an e-mail I sent to Jim about the completion of my Mayfly 14. Launched March 20th at Lake Langhoffer in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Submitted for your consideration for the new Splash feature.


Here are a couple of pictures of my Mayfly 14. I started this boat a couple of years ago but because of hurricane katrina and relocating to Arkansas, plus working a 30 and 15 schedule away from home, it has taken me awhile to complete it. I also purchased plans for Blobster about a year ago and am planning on starting that one soon. I built mayfly to learn to sail and will take that knowledge to the Blobster.

I have only been able to sail her once before I had to go back to work, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I can't wait to get off this boat and go home and do it again. [I am a capt. on the Mississippi river and its tributaries] Thanks for a wonderful little boat.


p.s.  I almost forgot, I also have a Jonsboat all but finished except taping the chines, bottom stiffeners, stern knees and paint. It is significantly bigger than my 14 ft. aluminum boat.

John Dominique
Pine Bluff, Arkansas



Thought you might be interested in a few pics I took (very belatedly I must admit) of the sailing rig I added to the prototype Alby 8' dinghy I made to Ross Lillistone's plans.

I have sailed it in 25kts+ & it is so stable that all it wants to do is bury the leeward hull & take on water. Being unsinkable, all you do is keep a little pressure in the sail to keep the boat just moving while bailing it out. Very safe & fun boat for kids!...big or little!

Hope you enjoyed your recent visit to our fair land.


Al Burke

Inflatable Trimaran


I tested the inflatable this week.  Everything worked as expected and overall performance was everything I could have asked for, so all systems appear to be go for the Texas200.  It paddled well with a single-blade paddle. 

Lily is sewing me a spinnaker and transport bag.  Hoping for a heavy-wind trial or two before I pack up for Texas.

Kellan Hatch
Salt Lake City, Utah


Hi folks,

My name is Manie Botha from Pretoria South Africa. I am a regular reader of Duckworks and have found my inspiration here. I launched my boat February 2008. I loved the concept of the Chuggers and Chiggers and that is why I built my little micro cruiser.

I did this design myself as I wanted something a little less boxy. The boat handles well and is a lot off fun. It is absolutely fantastic to have a boat that you can sleep on. The WBP plywood and epoxy was supplied by their service and the quality of their products is absolutely fantastic. A very big thank you to Roy.

I am now starting to design my next boat and will order materials from Roy during June 2008. This design and drawings I will post to Duckworks as I hope others will find as much pleasure in doing this kind of work as I did. It will be my contribution to the boating world, purely for fun!


Manie Botha,
South Africa

Tender Behind

I thought you might enjoy a pic of my newly finished Tender Behind, from your plans. It was not my first boat. I did a Pygmy Coho and a Simmons Sea Skiff and an Uncle John's Pirogue.

Back to the TB - I did it by the book - all marine ply - and bought the sail from Duckworks. I used Interlux paint and about 100 hours + to make her. I did it in the winter months so the time was over January to March and I was always waiting for the epoxy to dry.

Peter Miller
New Windsor NY

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